Debeaked and Completely Harmless

oh hey look werewolfpunk is online 

shylittleoctopus replied to your post: “dang………….. 75% is a lot……”:
how is that even a THING. How do I have such a high percentage. Oh my god.

it prrooobbably has something to do with that i dont reblog stuff very often and when i do its usually from you. Also i have like 450 likes and i usually only like your posts or stuff to read later and remove them after reading them so like 90% of the stuff i have liked is just your posts whoops

dang………….. 75% is a lot……

real life true photos of me being attacked by a hellbeast


The trademark Pokémon Game Factory (ポケモンゲームファクトリ) 


when u wake up feelin productive